Thursday, March 20, 2014

My response to the review I didn't read

I don't read reviews of my book. Honest. I just happened to be on one of the sites that reviews books and accidentally clicked on my book and in trying to get back to the previous page I inadvertently clicked on "Review This Book" and then to make sure I didn't make another mistake I paused and happened to read one of the latest entries. The reviewer game me three stars out of five, making the very important point that this was very generous gesture on his or her part. Imagine the waves of gratitude that washed over me. We don't know each other (I don't think!), so this random act of incredible kindness has affected (effected? No, affected) me deeply. The thought and consideration involved here ranks right up there with the reviewer who so thoughtfully gave the book one star, writing that she didn't read the book because the main character suffered from the same disease as her own, real-life father. Wasn't that nice? She took the time to give it the lowest possible rating, even though she didn't read the book? My cup runneth over.
(There. That felt pretty good, actually.)

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