Monday, July 23, 2012

Irish Surprise

I wouldn't describe myself as superstitious, but sometimes something happens that causes me stand back and wonder: Is this a sign? a message from the gods?

When my daughter returned from a recent trip to Ireland, she brought me a nice bottle of fine Jameson whiskey, along with coasters bearing the King family crest. I was surprised that a book was part of the crest. I was also intrigued by the motto under the book, "Maireann a sgrioghtar." According the coasters' package, the words mean, "History cannot be destroyed."

Kinda boring. (Just the motto, Katie. I love the coasters!) So today, while struggling to complete a sentence and wondering, once again, what kind of nut case actually chooses to become a writer, I was staring at one of the coasters. I then Googled the King name and family motto. I found the same Irish words but with a different translation. This one read: "That which is written, lives."

I'm taking that one as a sign.

What are the signs that you are fated to do what you do?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

When Words Won't Work

I've had no special desire to visit the 911 Memorial. I didn't think anything could make as great an impact on me as what I saw at Ground Zero a few days after the attacks: the ash, the smoke still rising from the rubble, the smiling faces of loved ones posted on telephone poles, on trees, on gates. The smell.

But as often happens when visitors have on their itinerary a landmark you live near but rarely if ever visit, I went to the site yesterday.

I'm a word guy. But with this, I'm not even going to try.

Where the South Tower once stood.

Freedom Tower. Hurry up and finish it, please.