Friday, November 4, 2011

More on The Next Best Book Giveaway from The Next Best Book Club

Here's a chance to win one of ten free copies of the paperback edition of Bill Warrington's Last Chance.

All you have to do is go HERE and make a comment. That automatically qualifies you for a chance to win one of the books, as well as a personalized bookplate, signed by yours truly.  Then, all through December, there will be an ongoing Reader/Author discussion on The Next Best Book Club on Goodreads. I'll be answering any and all questions about the book, writing, procrastinating, first drafts, letting others read your work-in-progress, working with editors, dealing with reviews... you get the idea.

I am flattered to be invited on TNBBC and can't wait for the Reader/Author discussion. Please join me. Remember to enter the Giveaway today!