Monday, March 1, 2010

The Write Place

Sometimes when I finish shoveling snow, I announce to my wife that we should rent a place somewhere warm for a few months. And why not? I'm a writer. I can work anywhere, right? Why not punch away at my keyboard on a beach or by a pool?

Just returned from someplace warm. Beautiful beach. Nice pool. Loads of time on my hands when I wasn't trying to re-book canceled flights. And how much writing did I get done?

Well, see, I kind of missed my desk, where I can spread out all my notes if I happen to have any. And my big computer monitor really helps me see more of the page I haven't yet completed. And my regular keyboard seems so much more tactile than the cramped laptop keys. And the mouse at home works so much better than that super sensitive touch pad on my laptop. And the chair that is so exquisitely contoured to the shape of my ever-expanding posterior...

How about you? Can you write anywhere? Or do you need that place of one's own?


  1. Terrible isn't it? We are such creatures of habit.

  2. Most especially when it comes to writing... which, I suppose, is a good thing. Whatever works.