Monday, February 15, 2010

Yeah? So what do YOU think about while writing?

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm in the middle of my vomit draft (pre-first-rough-draft draft) of my next novel. Amazing what elbows its way into my mind when I should be thinking only of the storyline I'm wrangling with. (Or is it "with which I am wrangling"? And does that question mark go inside the quotation marks? Must add these questions to the list.) To wit:
  • That screen looks better blank than with what I've just written.
  • I need to update my to-do list. 
  • I need a better format for my to-do list.
  • Is to-do hyphenated?
  • This story stinks and everyone already knows it.
  • I wonder if I've gotten an email since the last time I checked three minutes ago.
  • Maybe I should Google "quick and easy ways to complete a first draft."
  • Hmmm. Missed a spot on my chin while shaving this morning.
  • I wonder what's going on in Facebook land.
  • I wonder if a goatee would make me look more writerly.
  •  Better check email again. Probably just missed one last time I checked.
  • Is this character even remotely believable? Likable? I think not.
  • The dog needs walking. It would be cruel to let her continue sleeping contentedly at my feet.
  • "First of all, I'd like to thank all the members of the Nobel Prize committee..."
  • That spot on my chin is driving me crazy. 
  • Should I make one of the characters a vampire? 
  • Pitchers and catchers report to training camp soon. Must find out the exact date. Right now.
And you?


  1. James, I found you through your comment on ABNA. Just wanted to say, I'm so psyched for you!!! Congratulations on publishing your first novel, and in such an exciting manner.

    As far as thinking extraneous thoughts while writing, this is so tough until the story starts to move. I need to force myself to SIT and COUNT THE WORDS to hit my daily quota. Don't remember what I think about much, but have to make sure I avoid that solitaire button :-) I'm at this preliminary stage also, like you, but hope to grind through.

    Good luck with your own WIP!

  2. Thanks, Amy. It can be a grind at time, can't it? But the end result... that's what makes the pain worth it.

  3. same here.

    except that spot on the chin thing. and the dog. although, sometimes i pretend there's a dog and go walk it.