Saturday, September 29, 2012

Inspiration: What's On Your Desk?

Nazareth 1979                                                                                                           © James King
Several centuries ago I was in Israel and found myself sucked into a soccer game with these young Arab athletes. Afterward, they insisted I take their picture. The result is probably the best photo I've ever taken. I framed it and keep it and on my desk. I smile every time I look at it.

Some days, when I'm casting about for what I'd like to write next, I stare at this picture. I want to go back, find this street again, locate one of these kids, and find out what happened to him and each one of his friends. I've a feeling their stories are more compelling than any fiction I might write.

Until then, I use this picture and these kids to inspire me to try to capture in words the immediacy and the emotion of a moment, the way I did by chance and nearly not at all but for their loud and exuberant insistence that day in Nazareth.

What do you keep on your desk for inspiration?


  1. I have no desk.

    Well, I have a desk, but that's not where I write. I write outside as much as possible (I even have a electrically heated throw to cover me as it gets colder). Once the outdoors is utterly impossible, I write on a couch, staring out at trees and fields and sky.

    That's my inspiration, but, frankly, I like yours better!

    1. Can't think of a better way to get inspired, but I have a tendency to stare too long at the trees and the sky. I must shut myself up in the office, turn off the internet, and rely on my pictures and the Dream Catcher hanging from my bookshelf to successfully wrassle with the Mute Muse. We do what we must, no? Thank you for your comment.