Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun Interview on WMJI- FM, Cleveland.

I used to listen to John Lanigan as a kid growing up in Lakewood, Ohio. A thrill to be on the radio this morning with him and Jimmy Malone on the Lanigan and Malone Morning Show.


  1. ah, the bad forecast joke. I LOVE it.

    wait, still listening! You are FULL of jokes... and too fast for John Lanigan ;).

    Who seems to be a nice, um, aggressive, um, ADHD interviewer.

    Is he yelling at you or excited?

    You should see me. I'm laughing listening. Kudos to you. I would have just slipped out of the room.

    (you don't have to post this).

  2. Lanigan is a legend in Cleveland radio, so it was a thrill to be on his show. Thanks for listening, Gae!