Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Book Club Basics

Last night I participated in the first meeting of a book club that a friend of mine has started. I've never been in a book club before and wasn't sure what to expect. The other five guys in the club are all hugely successful in their respective fields--primarily investment/money/fund management. Then, there's me. Here's roughly how it went.

6pm - Meeting called to order at Yasuda, 204 E 43, NY, NY.
6-6:15 - Small talk.
6:15 - Someone mentions the title of the book we were supposed to be discussing. Rationale for its selection offered.
6:17 - Discussion of the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Opinions shared on current administration, previous administration.
6:30 - Huge platters of sashimi and sushi arrive at our table. Political discussion continues.
7:00 - One of the members reads reviews of the book we were supposed to be discussing. In-depth discussion and analysis of each member's feelings about the book followed.
7:07 - Back to Obama and Bush, with some digressions to the Roman and Egyptian empires.
8:00 - Unanimous decision to continue book discussion across the street at an excellent Sake Bar.
8:03 - Arrive at Sake bar. Began drinking sake.
8:04 - In lieu of further discussion of the book we were supposed to be discussing, discussed potential books for next meeting and discussion.
9:00 - Decision made on book and date for next meeting.
9:01 - Near unanimous decision to test one more variety of Japanese wine.
9:29 - I begin mad dash for Grand Central Station to catch the 9:37.
9:36 - I board the train, grab a seat, and try to ignore my sake-filled bladder.

Ah... the literary life...

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